We first experimented with making soy candles in 2015, as a way to repurpose some mason jars.  What started as a weekend project has since grown into a full-time business, and in February 2020, we opened up our first retail shop in Kentville.

As a couple of wanderers at heart, we have collectively lived in 4 other provinces before settling in Nova Scotia.  We live in the Annapolis Valley, but as we continually explore our province, we are always struck by the beauty and diversity of the landscape.  The inspiration for our business name came from a trip to the Cape Breton Highlands (if you don't already know, Nova Scotia means New Scotland in Latin).  What Nova Scotia means to us, is home.  We hope that the love of our home reflects in the products we create.

We donate a portion of our profits to Feed Nova Scotia, an organization that works to increase food security across the province.


The creative force behind the business, one of Erin's favourite parts of the job is Research & Development.


The unwavering support system and invaluable part time help, you will often find Mark manning the table at the farmer's market and craft shows.


A mutt that spent his early days as a stray on the mean streets of Moncton, Fundy now spends the bulk of his time testing the structural integrity of wax and mason jar boxes.



The most curious of cats, Digby is an integral part of shipping and receiving - personally inspecting every package that comes or goes - and always quick with the sass if things are out of place.


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